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Our Mission

The mission of Elder Transition Consulting is to enable our senior clients to comfortably move through life stages with caring support, guidance, and a helping hand.

Elder Transition Consulting’s focus is on our elders. Our priority is to ensure they transition from their current living arrangement to a place where they are safe, will have comfort, and will enjoy a better quality of life.

We are also there to support their families. Our priority for the family members is to remove the burden of downsizing their parents or loved one so they can focus on the physical and emotional support during their transition. We support families that both live locally or live out of town, because we know it can be a difficult and stressful process to coordinate.

Why Choose Us?

Hi, I’m Ann Marie Klosko.

I founded Elder Transition Consulting in 2019, after I had to go through the downsizing process with my aunt who needed to move to assisted living. Downsizing her condo, packing and unpacking my aunt, moving my aunt, readying and selling her condo and arranging for any move-related services was a daunting job while working full time, raising a family and then taking care of my aunt’s needs.

Being family, there was a lot of emotion with my aunt’s years of accumulation – for the both of us – and it was hard to see that she had to give up her home and belongings that meant a lot to her.

I founded this company because I personally experienced how hard it was, as a family member, to take the emotion out of the downsizing process. I wished I had a company like Elder Transition Consulting when I was dealing with my aunt’s transition to the next phase in her life. That’s why I’m so proud that my company can be there for others going through the same thing.

In the last several years, I’m pleased to say that we have grown from a staff of one (just me!) to 4 incredible staff members supporting the business. We are establishing a reputation for excellence in the Buffalo, NY area that I hope expands into the Rochester, NY area as well.

Our vision is to become the “go-to” Senior Move Management organization in the Western New York and Rochester areas providing a personal, stress-free experience.

Anne Marie Klosko

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We are looking for warm, caring, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals to join our team of Senior Move Managers!

If you’re looking for rewarding career where you can help seniors and their families during one of the most important transitions of their lives, we would love to meet you!

Please fill out our application form below. If your experience and qualifications match what we’re looking for, we will contact you for an interview.

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